Liar, Liar

I feel so much better today! I think putting my feelings into words and then getting such lovely, lovely feedback from you guys did the trick. I have such kind and wise friends and family! Thank you all for the encouraging words.


Also, Baby Declan went and made a liar out of me.


He pushed through his first tooth yesterday! Ha! I do not recall Stella’s teething process being this bad. Maybe I just forgot? Either way, I am I glad to have that sorted. One down, 19 to go!


Happy D

Happy Baby D

Now can we go back to being happy all day and sleepy all night?


Declan is 6.5 months



3 thoughts on “Liar, Liar

  1. Emma, I just wanted to post and say I am so excited for you and your sweet family for going on this grand adventure. And it is completely normal to feel homesick. How can you not? Please know that it is okay to feel this way, and I am so impressed with how you have already embraced your new home and friends and these amazing experiences that you will cherish for the rest of your life!!! Sending sweet thoughts your way…

    🙂 Alana

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