ABOUT: From Austin to Australia

One day Phill told me about a possible job opportunity… in Australia. I immediately got the same crazy tingly feeling that I had when I knew (before I KNEW) I was pregnant both times. This was going to happen. So, we packed up our toddler and our infant and, one long plane ride later, here we are!


3 thoughts on “ABOUT: From Austin to Australia

  1. Hi Emma,
    Debbie Wahrmund here. I am not certain if I am doing this right, so here goes! I have enjoyed your blog and updates. Congrats on being a new Auntie, we saw pictures. And on progress driving, Declan eating challenges, and adapting to Aussieland. I am going to send your blog to Debbie Gaston, hope it is okay. She is retired and our paths crossed working in one of the Elgin parks. She is a terrific lady and said she would love to get in touch with you as you were a favorite.

  2. Good morning from Blue Texas! It is actually suppose to be cooler this weekend; we really look forward to reduced humidity. I love following you on the blog so I was inspired to start my own! I may have questions….so far I have only signed up and named the blog. I am glad you did not mind that I sent your blog to Debbie G., she is a great lady!

    The German invasion was memorable, too short in some ways. I miss them. Did Chrissy post that she passed her oral exam? Now it is official. You can be a mommy and have other interests! Your kids are great and we look forward to seeing you if the schedule works out. We are going to Germany the 20th-29th. So if the jet lag is over would love to see you guys maybe even Matt and Stacy after the wedding? Let’s stay in touch. Love, Debbie

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