Declan at 14 Months

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since our last update. Since then we have traveled from Australia to Hawaii, to Austin, to Dallas, to Hong Kong, to Singapore, and two cities in New Zealand.We got married (again) and it was magical. Stella started Montessori school, we said hello to new beautiful cousins, baby Chas, baby Amelie and baby Grace. Declan had his first ER visit. And we celebrated his first birthday!

Birthday Boy!


Off to smile at his fellow patients

Off to smile at his fellow patients


Family selfie fail in New Zealand

Family selfie fail in New Zealand

But this post is dedicated to my newly minted 14 month old. I want to capture this time in his life in words because everything happens and passes so quickly. He learns multiple new things a day. Soon he’ll have mastered many of these skills and be on to the next phase. Slow down baby!


Here’s a glimpse into the life of 14 month old Declan:

Walks everywhere, starting to run. Most especially not in the direction you’d prefer.

Great eater but is definitely becoming picky. We’re working on not tossing the unwanted food onto the floor.

Obsessed with Stella’s scooter and climbs up on it with perfect balance. Suddenly Stella’s interested in her scooter again.

Loves dogs. Like, LOVES them. Becomes super animated and babbles nonstop when he sees one.  Too bad daddy is anti-pets (for now…).

Speaking of babbling, this kid is actually talking. Mama, Dada, Car, Cow, Hi, Again, Oma, Dog, Book, Bus, Peek-a-boo and go-go. The last phrase he says as he’s climbing into the stroller or walking to the door with his shoes in hand asking to “go-go?” And, my favourite, he throws his hands over his eyes and says, “kee-koo-ba” and breaks out in a full grin!

Climbing. It’s impressive to watch how he wriggles his little body up a seemingly impossible height.  Let’s hope he keeps the climbing sessions to places other than his crib.

Still takes two sleeps a day and sleeps all night. After months of being such a rotten sleeper he’s actually turned into quite the little sleep lover. By this age we were beginning to transition Stella to one nap but I don’t see that happening for him anytime soon.

9 teeth. We’re in the super fun molar phase right now. It lasts years.

Potty training, whaaaat? Just like big sis, Declan’s showing early signs of potty training. He actually brought me a clean diaper when he needed a change last week. It would be amazing if he was as easy to potty train as Stella. But I know boys are harder to train so I’m keeping my expectations in check.

Loves big sister. And she fits the big sister bill exactly. Bossy. Spends her days alternating between trying to hug him and push him down, getting a toy for him and then taking it away, and did I mention bossy? But, for the most part, Declan adores her. Right up until she wants her scooter back.

Charm. Always smiling, always laughing. But, I already see glimpses of the tantrums to come. Right now it’s cute but soon it won’t be. This ain’t my first rodeo, y’all.

For now and always, he’ll have this smile to get him in and out of trouble…

Happy 14 months gorgeous boy. photo (56)